Advisory services

Information is the foundation of any business operations. If your production, storage, handling is unsafe, business processes, and ultimately, the operational capability can be compromised. Thoughtful management of security is therefore a vital issue.

Security is not a static state, but a dynamically managed process. In order to meet the challenges in a constantly changing environment, from time to time, it is necessary to improve the defense capabilities of an organization. Many people are afraid of this, because their capacities are finite, while maintaining well-thought-out and tailor-made systems does not mean extreme costs.

In our advisory services we offer the following services:

Assessment of the situation

Exploring management needs

Definition of relevant standards

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

IT system survey

Data property survey

Exploring threats


Situation rating

Determining evaluation criteria

Evaluation of system elements and processes

Evaluation of data assets

Assessing relevant threats

Conducting risk analysis


Protection organization

Developing information security strategies, policies and procedures

Business Continuity Planning (BCP – DRP)

User code, role-play statements

Introduction, education