Security by design

The adoption of application enhancements or networks or complex systems is increasingly being preceded by security tests. In this case, penetration testing, intrusion testing, or source code audit may also be considered, thus examining the proper implementation of security itself. The weaknesses detected are not always easy to solve, as there may be structural or programming errors in the background as well. It is a well-known experience that correcting any error is much more costly, and resource-intensive in the late stages of system implementation, than in the early planning phase or early implementation phase. This is particularly true for security errors and shortcomings discovered in the later stages.

In order to achieve the desired level of security in the final phase, it is advisable to apply security considerations during the preparatory phase. It is therefore advised to involve experts in the design of the safety system plan during the planning and then to use continuous monitoring to track the development and implementation according to the procedure. Of course, in this case, the results product checks cannot be omitted, but there is a significant risk of consequential errors, shortcomings and end-of-term safety or security levels.

We undertake projects for application development or for the creation, expansion or development of networks or complex systems:

  • Support of Security planning, security system design,
  • Quality assurance of development and implementation activities,
  • Source code analysis
  • Planning and conducting interim and final security testing,
  • Perform interim and end-to-end vulnerability tests and penetration tests
  • Developer security consulting and
  • Developer security awareness training.