Focus areas

Whether it’s the security of critical IT or cyber-physical systems, data security, or compliance with the domestic legal environment and international regulations, we have the solution to your cybersecurity challenges.


Cybersecurity incidents pose immediate financial, operational, and reputational risks for players in the private sphere. A continuously improved, risk-proportionate information security system is crucial to maintain market position.
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Industry 4.0

The industry faces unprecedented cybersecurity challenges due to the increasing digitalization of industrial systems. These systems need special security reinforcements to cope with growing cyber-attacks.
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Public sector

The public sector, which performs a wide range of public functions, must have outstanding security capabilities due to its legal environment, as thousands of people use these critical services in their day-to-day lives.
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All manufacturers should apply strict security requirements during development to ensure their products are resistant to cyber threats. Defining and implementing these standards requires specialized expertise.
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The challenges of digitalization are present in all areas of the economy, society, and technology. Our research, development, and innovation seek answers to the cybersecurity challenges of the future through understanding current technology trends.
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