Public procurement

We participate as a consortium member in the Hungarian Digital Governance Agency framework agreements for IT systems services, quality assurance activities, and IT security products and services.

This consortium membership enables Alverad to deliver its cybersecurity portfolio to organizations subject to public procurement.


The Hungarian Digital Governance Agency’s system allows companies with public budgets and most state-owned companies to obtain IT services through a simplified public procurement procedure.

This will make it easier for them to select a competitive offer without having to reopen every procurement, while at the same time having a choice of reliable contractors and services.

Working with the Hungarian Digital Governance Agency under the Prime Minister’s Office also validates our skills and professionalism. It demonstrates that Alverad has the capability, capacity, and expertise to secure high-profile contracts for our clients.

Our active framework agreements for procurement

Supplying expert services for the design, implementation and deployment of IT systems

From national (DKMNY01ITSZ21)/European Union (DKMNY01ITSZE21) funds

IT security products and services (DKM01ITBT21)

Audits (analysis, risk assessments, documentation)

Security monitoring

Inspections (penetration, vulnerability)

Information security certification audit (product, system, software)

Quality assurance services for the development of information systems

From national (DKMNY01ITMB21)/ European Union (DKMNY01ITMBE21) funds