Corporate capabilities

By expanding our corporate capabilities, we seek to demonstrate the legitimacy of our work and our methods, while providing a guarantee to our partners. In this way, our results can become even more credible. Our diverse corporate capabilities demonstrate that we take our work and business compliance seriously, as well as the information security environment we operate in, while also paying special attention to data protection.

National security compliance

271/2018 (XII. 20.) Hungarian Government Decree 22.§ (5)

Our company is registered with the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which enables us to carry out vulnerability assessments on electronic information systems of state and local government bodies that are subject to national security protection.

XXX. of 2016. § 116 (1) a — List of defense procurements

Being on the list of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution gives us the right to act as a supplier defense procurements.

Industrial Safety Inspection (Site Security Certificate)

Entities holding a Site Security Certificate are entitled to handle data at “Confidential!” or higher classification levels at their headquarters, premises, and offices.

ISO compliance

NATO supplier capability

In accordance with the provisions of the Government Decree, the Office of the Ministry of Defence Economy publishes a call for tenders after 1 January each year, setting out the professional and financial-economic criteria which, if met, enable economic entities established in Hungary to obtain a “NATO Supplier” status.

Our company has obtained the “NATO Supplier” status.


This qualification allows us to participate in defense and military procurements at the level of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member states.

Register of forensic experts

2016. XXIX. 23.§ (1)

Our company is registered with the Ministry of Justice’s Register of Judicial Experts, which entitles us to provide technical opinions, even in court proceedings.

In order to be included in the register of forensic experts, a company must, among other things, provide evidence of the forensic expert’s qualifications, national and international qualifications, the completion of training and examination requirements set out in the specific regulations of the Hungarian Chamber of Forensic Experts, and a declaration of commitment.