Special capabilities

Alverad’s certifications and official authorizations confirm that our company pays special attention to development, quality of work processes, and high customer satisfaction. These corporate capabilities demonstrate that our organization takes customer privacy seriously and has well-established processes in place that serve as a kind of guarantee.

Cyber Security Test Lab

We operate as an accredited cybersecurity testing laboratory, accredited and regularly reviewed by the National Accreditation Authority in Hungary. This ensures that trained professionals produce the expected outputs using the right methodologies.

Corporate capabilities

National security compliance
Our company and its staff have national security clearance, so we are qualified to work on projects involving classified data. We can also perform vulnerability assessments on electronic information systems of organizations under national security protection.
ISO compliance
We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2022 compliant, which confirms that we have controlled, continuously improved operational processes and a well-thought-out, risk-proportionate, robust information security environment.
NATO supplier capability
As a result of the procedure carried out by the Hungarian Office of Defence Economics, we have been awarded the "NATO Procurement Capability" qualification, which authorizes us to participate in defense and military procurement at the level of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member states.
Forensic Expert Skills
Our company is registered with the Ministry of Justice's Register of Judicial Experts, which entitles us to provide technical opinions, even in court proceedings.

Personal certifications

The key to outstanding professional performance lies in our highly skilled professionals. We believe in continuous improvement and do our best to ensure our colleagues have up-to-date cybersecurity skills.

Public procurement

Our company is a consortium member of several framework agreements tendered by the Hungarian Digital Governance Agency. Within this framework, our company is able to provide a full cybersecurity portfolio to organizations subject to the Agency's regulation.